Faith and The Outdoors


After spending a weekend in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in Cherokee, North Carolina I was reminded about the reason they exist to begin with. It reminded me of my childhood when my parents introduced me to my Creator – The Creator of the trees, the mountains, the rivers and the wildlife that surrounds them. It reminded me of when my Dad introduced me to the outdoors – to camping, fishing, hunting and cooking over the fire.

During this Christmas season I reminisce on these great memories that make up my very roots and foundation of who I am, and why my Creator artistically formed these things for my enjoyment and pleasure.

You see, the God who spoke life into being is the Creator of all these things plus much, much more, and when I have the opportunity to sit out in the woods, or wade in a stream or sit around a campfire I know that He didn’t just create these things to let them be. He created them with a purpose. He created them for His pleasure and His praise, and when we enjoy creation we acknowledge that what He has made is good and we thank Him for giving us the ability to be able to enjoy such beautiful, mysterious and awe-inspiring creation.IMG_5029

I just wanted to share some thoughts today about my weekend in hopes of encouraging you during this Christmas season, and reminding you of the hope that comes with Christmas.

-Nathan Unger

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