Winter Break, Hunting and Memories!

Finally, my exams are done, and now all I can think about is getting into the deer stand with hopes of seeing snow fall this year during my Christmas vacation. Where I hunt in Central North Carolina and Southwest Virginia, snow comes in dustings from a half inch to 4 inches depending on the year. Typically my family travels for Christmas whether it be to see grandparents in Maryland or just up the road in Virginia. So, this year there will be many more opportunities get outdoors in the frosty air. 

One thing I look forward to most is being able to enjoy these experiences with my family. It makes it that much better when a big buck goes down and someone is right there with you to take joy in that moment, but I’m also reminded not to take these times for granted. I was reminded of that this past week when I heard there was a tragic accident in my college town – the wreck took the driver’s life. It reminds me that life is but a short breath and that we should cherish every moment with the ones we love. How am I going to do that? By spending time with my family wrapping presents, chopping wood, going hunting and watching classic Christmas movies around the warm fire. These memories last a lifetime opposed to the pack of gum you might receive in your stocking, not to say I’m not thankful for that as well, but you catch my drift. 

The truth is, make time during the hustle and bustle of the season to create those memories. Take your brother, your son, your wife or your girlfriend hunting, or take them to see lights downtown. You never know what kind of memories you will make. Memories that will last a lifetime. 

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