Chasing My Dream

As a boy, I always wondered what I would do as I grew into adulthood. It wasn’t because I was unsure about my career choice, but it was because I wondered how I would make it a full time career.

I grew up hunting and fishing in middle Georgia and always dreamed of owning my own hunting camp or farm one day to manage and take care of myself. However this isn’t the most popular choice because many people view the outdoors much like they view reading a book or riding a bike. Just a hobby. So over the years I’ve wondered how I can make it my career. I’ve spent a lot of time in the woods and by the lake mulling over how this dream would come true. One of my biggest role models in this particular area is my uncle who for as long as I’ve know him has made a good living and has been able to travel to various places and see some pretty incredible animals and landscapes. However, he still works a full-time job and takes these trips one or twice a year. Yes, such a career as traveling and seeing the outdoors can be expensive, but, it takes starting at the bottom and working your way up. Over my 22 years I’ve boiled it down to three points that are essential for my dream to become a reality.

1. Do not give up or give in

2. Keep chasing despite critics

3. Work hard

Now these are very simple, but maybe a more professional blogger and deer hunter can articulate it better than I.

This blog has inspired me to not give up my dream of the outdoors, and to pursue it relentlessly even if it means making some sacrifices. Author of the blog, Wired To Hunt says it best,

“So that I may fully pursue my dream of chasing whitetails and sharing my experiences with the world. And so that I may truly live.” – Mark Kenyon

What will I do, you might ask?

I will continue to pursue my dream relentlessly until I hit a wall and then I will find a way around or through the wall and press on until my dream is reached!

(Written by Mr. Nathan Unger. Nathan is a Senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Public Relations. Nathan is an avid hunter and a passionate outdoorsman from Southwest Virginia)

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