WHITETAIL GURU HUNTING PODCAST #21: Kentucky Public Land And Late Season Tactics With Jordan Barnes

In this episode of the Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast I talk with Jordan Barnes about hunting public land in Kentucky.


On the latest episode of the Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast we talk with our first repeat guest, Jordan Barnes. We first talked with Jordan on episode one about spring turkey hunting. If you would like to check out that episode you can click here. However, in this episode we dive into public land hunting the Bluegrass State of Kentucky. Jordan made several trips of to Kentucky to chase whitetails during late summer and fall. He gives us the low-down on what he discovered.

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iTunes link: Episode #21


In this episode we discuss:

  • Hunting public land in Kentucky
  • Obstacles of hunting out-of-state public ground
  • Scouting public land from out-of-state
  • Late summer/early fall food sources
  • Georgia private and public land success
  • Late season hunting tactics
  • Late season food sources
  • Our all new Whitetail Rally Round©

Show Notes: 

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