In this episode we talk with the owners of FOB Archery about their product and why archers should try the FOB.

Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast Episode 32 FOB Archery

On this podcast episode I talk with Luke Hardin and Brinck Bowers of FOB Archery. We discuss the difference between the FOB and traditional fletchings. We discuss the science about the FOB and how they handle well in crosswinds. The FOB installs in seconds and stabilizes broadheads. The FOB will also pop off and mark the spot of impact when there is a clean pass through. We get into the knitty gritty of how FOBs work and how to maximize your shooting potential with the FOB.

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FOB Archery

iTunes link: Episode #32


In this episode we discuss:

  • Turkey hunting stories and update
  • 2018 South Carolina deer season
  • FOB Archery company’s background
  • How to use the Fob
  • FOB sizing
  • The difference between the FOB and traditional fletchings
  • Crosswind effects with the FOB
  • Getting set up with the FOB
  • Using the FOB with different bows
  • Whitetail Rally Round©

Show Notes: 

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