Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast #39: Public Land Whitetail Deer Research with Gino D’Angelo

In this episode we look at how poor habitat and large predator numbers can drastically affect whitetail deer populations.

Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast Episode 39

On this podcast episode I talk to Gino D’Angelo about public land whitetail deer populations in north Georgia wildlife management areas. Gino is an Assistant Professor of Deer Ecology and Management at the University of Georgia Warnell School of Forestry. Take a listen! We hope you enjoy!

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Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast Gino D'Angelo


iTunes link: Episode #39

In this episode we discuss:

    • Sources of fawn mortality
    • Case studies on predators
    • Declines in deer populations in Appalachia
    • Predator effects on fawn survival
    • Black bear population increases
    • Capturing and collaring deer
    • Habitat influences on fawn survival
    • How hunters can affect change
    • How you can help local researchers
    • Whitetail Rally Round©

Show Notes: 



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