3 Essentials for Your Early Season Hunting Pack

Here are some hunting pack essentials everyone can use.

Whitetail Guru Hunting Podcast 3 Hunting Essentials

The early season can be brutally hot and uncomfortable. Here are a few items to stash in your pack. 


This time of year a Thermacell is your best friend, especially in the South. With unseasonably warm temperatures mosquitoes, gnats and other disease-carrying insects will still be out in full force, and a Thermacell is great to ward them off. Diseases are no joke.

Dead Down Wind Wipes

With all the sweating we do as hunters walking to and from our stand, carrying wipes to not only eliminate some of the stench, but also so you’re not soaking wet while sitting in the stand will save a lot of headache.

Outdoor Edge Skinning Kit

It’s important to be prepared when you do harvest a deer. There’s nothing worse when you’re cleaning a deer and you don’t have the proper gear, and then you end up having to pay someone to do it. The Outdoor Edge kit contains everything you need.

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