Top Five Podcast Episodes by Whitetail Guru Fans

Top Five Podcast Episodes

These are the top five most listened to podcast episodes by Whitetail Guru fans. In fact, it is hard to argue with the statistics. These are some great episodes and conversations with fellow hunters and biologists that you do not want to miss. As we draw closer to deer season you may want to listen again and see if there is a nugget you may have missed the first go-round. Either way we hope you enjoy!

5. #45: Tagged Out! Two Late Season November Bucks.

This episode highlights Nathan’s quick 2019 season where he tagged out on two nice bucks before the end of November. Both Georgia bucks, Nathan walks through step by step how he put the pieces together to harvest a five-and-a-half and three-and-a-half year-old buck.

4. #42: : Public Land Bear Hunting, Plans for the Rut and Mentoring New Hunters

This episode lays out Nathan and Daniel’s plan to make a DIY trip to north Georgia for the fall bear season. This is Nathan’s first go at a Georgia bear, and the two map out possibilities and plans. Likewise, they dive into the importance of bringing someone else alongside and teaching them the basics of hunting.

3. #41: Chronic Wasting Disease and Hemorrhagic Disease with Kip Adams

We cannot encourage this interview with Kip Adams enough. He details the detriment of deer diseases and how they can quickly become an issue if we as hunters do not do our part. What was once a western United States problem is now a problem for all deer hunters.

2. #39: Public Land Whitetail Deer Research with Gino D’Angelo

Gino D’Angelo gives insightful data on the research he and his team is conducting in the southern Appalachia region. Deer densities are light and numbers are not increasing anytime soon. He goes over his research and what needs to be done in order for the future success of deer in this part of the United States.

1. #47: Bear Biology and Behavior with State Project Leader Adam Hammond

Bear hunting is quickly becoming a fan favorite, and hunters realize there are several opportunities within their state or the state next door. Biologist Adam Hammond has years of experience with bears and shares valuable information about black bear behavior in the South.

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