In this episode we dive into the advantages of using DeerLab and how it will help narrow down deer patterns for hunters.

Today on the podcast I talk with Jon Livingston, co-founder of DeerLab. DeerLab is cutting edge technology that conglomerates your trail camera photos and shoots out relevant data to give the hunter a broader picture of deer patterns. DeerLab is used for overall populations and/or tracking mature bucks. In this episode we discuss the advantages that DeerLab has to offer.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Everything DeerLab
  • It’s inception
  • Advantages for hunters
  • Facial recognition
  • The different uses for DeerLab
  • Different factors that DeerLab offers
  • Weather, moon and wind factors
  • Co-ops using DeerLab
  • Camera sites and properties
  • And so much more

Show Notes: