2019 Deer Lottery Odds for Georgia WMA’s

Each year hunters can wager priority points for quota hunts across the state of Georgia. Hunters can just about apply for any game species Georgia has to offer, however the odds vary depending on location and species.

Last year’s lottery draw odds are located here for WMA deer hunts, and state park deer hunt odds from 2019 can be found here. Take note, though, that some state parks only allow hunts every other year, so if you do not see the park you are interested in it is probably because a hunt was not offered last year.

There is no harm in simply applying for points only, and it cost you nothing. So for example, if you are interested in hunting Georgia alligators one day you might want to start building up points now.

With the current status of our nation and the onslaught of COVID-19, resourcing natural protein from Georgia’s wild game animals is an even more enticing and affordable option.

For the complete rules on quota hunts click here.

*All information was researched from the Georgia Wildlife website.


Today on the podcast we talk with Cheyenne Yates about fawn mortality in the southern Appalachia region.

Today on the podcast we talk with Cheyenne Yates,  a University of Georgia wildlife graduate student from the UGA Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Cheyenne is a part of a team studying fawn mortality in the southern Appalachia region primarily two WMA’s in north Georgia. Deer populations are declining and have decreased 82 percent in the last three decades. We dive into why this is in our conversation.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Fawn Mortality
  • Declines in deer populations in Appalachia
  • Predator effects on fawn survival
  • Black bear population increases
  • Collaring Deer
  • Habitat influences on fawn survival
  • How you can affect change
  • How you can help local researchers
  • And so much more

Show Notes: